Mowjow is an attractive investment opportunity that enables investors to profit from the fast-growing mobile gaming and mobile advertising markets.

We create rewarding mobile games – available on both iOS and Android – that hit the sweet spot between gaming and advertising in a €10 billion blended market. Our products offer unique gameplay coupled with meaningful brand experiences to a global target audience of 400 million mobile quiz players.

We’ve built our business around proprietary technology that manages the game, user acquisition, and advertising. This means that we’re in full control of every aspect of the business and can scale fast.

Our team of seasoned professionals, innovative technology, and robust business strategy sets Mowjow on a trajectory of profitable growth, leading to a significant increase in value of our shares.

So far, we’ve attracted more than 600 investors from all over the world. We’re now on the cusp of a full scale commercial launch, after which we expect to quickly attract a large player base and commence monetisation. This will result in a high level of value creation and outsize returns for investors.

Mowjow welcomes qualified investors to join us in our journey. Our core philosophy is to be rewarding and this applies as much to our investors as it does to our players.