• Andreas Christensen

    Executive Chairman & Founder


    Norwegian entrepreneur Andreas is the visionary founder and principal investor behind Mowjow. With MSc studies in Business and Economics at the Norwegian Business School, and an extensive background in mobile technology innovation, he is perfectly placed to take overall responsibility for the corporate strategy, development and management of Mowjow.

  • Oleksiy Nesterenko

    Executive Director (Finance)


    Oleksiy oversees Mowjow’s financial planning and is responsible for developing growth- and value-driven strategy. Holding an MBA (INSEAD), and having spent five years in Merrill Lynch’s technology team, Oleksiy draws on over a decade of financial sector experience and his proven specialism in media and technology to accelerate Mowjow’s universal growth.

  • Sergey Kazachenko

    Executive Director (Corporate Finance)


    Sergey is Mowjow’s key financial deal-maker, devising corporate finance strategy and investor acquisition activities. He holds an MSc in Finance Studies, and provides a wealth of corporate finance experience from six years spent as an equity analyst at Swedbank and four years as an equity research partner at Pareto Securities.

  • Mark P. Nelson

    Advisor Strategy


    Mark is a leading figure in the world of digital technology, providing Mowjow with invaluable strategic advice. He holds a BA in International Studies, and has spent over a decade working in management positions with Google, where he is currently Global Head of Business Development for New Products, after previously being Head of Business Development at YouTube.

  • Marc Thomas Müller

    Advisor Enterprise


    Marc provides the valuable knowledge and strategic guidance that pushes Mowjow’s enterprise growth. Holding an MA in Economics & Finance, and having worked for 18 years with software giant, SAP, most recently as vice-president, Marc draws on a wealth of proven strategic thinking and enterprise level market expertise to advise Mowjow.

  • Kristian Wulfsberg Majer

    Advisor Marketing


    Kristian is a branding and marketing expert who has worked with global brands like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Carlsberg, and IKEA. He’s a Partner at Garrison Group, boasts a PHD in Business, Marketing, and Leadership, is an MBA guest lecturer, and has developed Mowjow’s innovative brand strategy.

  • Torbjorn Kvien Madsen

    Advisor Creative


    Torbjorn is a seasoned marketing and advertising executive who uses his wealth of knowledge to advise Mowjow’s overall creative direction. With over 20 years as a creative director, and other senior positions, at leading marketing agencies like McCann and DDB, he possesses cutting-edge competencies in creating marketing that works.

  • Igor Krajisnik

    Chief Technology Officer


    Igor uses his 15 years of software development experience to oversee the technology team. He has degrees in IT and Economics, along with a background in both the Special Forces and web security, and makes sure that Mowjow’s technology is constantly running at maximum efficiency.

  • Jan Johannessen

    Chief Commercial Officer


    Jan ensures Mowjow’s commercial activities offer value to all stakeholders. With a degree in Marketing & Communications, more than a decade of experience gained from leading marketing positions at Sats Elixia, the largest fitness chain in the Nordic region, and as the founder of House of Sales, Jan brings extensive knowledge of consumer relations to Mowjow.

  • Henning Gjerde

    Chief Design Officer


    As the founder of Norwegian design agency, Notch, Henning’s extensive list of design awards includes a Cannes Lion Award. He uses his proven aesthetic expertise, and degree in Graphic Design, to develop Mowjow’s appearance, covering every aspect from brand identity and product design to user experience.

  • Jon Triggs

    Head of Communications


    Jon is an accomplished copywriter and marketer who ensures that Mowjow’s communications are on point. With an MSc in Management and Marketing, as well as experience with major brands like the BBC and Betfair, he uses his skills to maintain our key messaging, brand and user experience.

  • Stian Alexander Karlsen

    Head of Business Development


    Stian uses his network of contacts to build Mowjow’s key relationships, develop new partnerships, and attract influencers. Thanks to his experience in the gaming and entertainment industries, most recently as co-founder of Nordic gaming operator Buck & Butler, Stian provides the insight, creative ideas and opportunities that develop our offerings.

  • Alper Guler

    Business Development Executive


    Alper has an extensive network of international contacts to leverage to develop new partnerships and grow our business. With extensive experience in personal development and a high level of energy, he has a significant positive influence on people. Combined with his experience in business development within online marketing, Alper provides insights, opportunities and ideas that help Mowjow develop and grow its offerings.

  • Frode Krisner

    Head of Game Content


    With his passion for quizplay, Frode is responsible for governing our quiz creation team and publisher system as he strategically oversees all development of in-game content. As the founder of Gameopedia, Frode and his team have worked closely with YouTube as the company’s global game review specialists for a number of years.

  • Mesrop Minasyan

    Head of Front-End


    Mesrop is a highly skilled specialist front-end developer who heads an experienced team to create clean and scalable code for our applications and websites. Mesrop has experience from leading companies like Tigerspike, holds a degree in medicine, and is also the founder of Frontjet, an Armenian front-end development firm.

  • Eugene Tsukanov

    Head of Back-End


    Eugene runs a skilled team of back-end developers to build and maintain Mowjow’s proprietary platform. He has experience from companies such as Huffington Post and Valtech, as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering, and is also the founder of Plus One Generation, a Ukrainian technology development firm.

  • Debasis Pradhan

    Head of QA


    Debasis is a quality assurance and testing specialist with over a decade of experience and is responsible for Mowjow’s application review and testing. Debasis has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and gained experience from working with leading Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor, Adecco Group and Citibank.