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What We Do

Mowjow is a uniquely rewarding, visually stimulating mobile quiz game. We aim for every user playing our games to be challenged, entertained, and excited, and it’s these emotions that motivate them to keep coming back for more.

We believe that gaming should be enjoyable, rewarding and social. Our users can play Mowjow alone, but it’s even more exciting when they challenge friends or take on the world in our thrilling and unique prize tournaments.

As well as winning gadgets, holidays, or cars, our prize tournament winners also discover our crucial experience – the joy that comes from mastering the game making your own luck.

To crank up the competitiveness levels further, we’ve included an ELO ranking system – the same one used in global sports – which encourages players to raise their game, and improve their rating.

Mowjow is available to download from Apple and Google app stores, and is closely integrated with Facebook. Leveraging these eco-systems helps us reach a vast global mobile audience

Technology is at the heart of the Mowjow experience. We’ve developed our own proprietary system that manages the game, our user acquisition ‘influencer’ programme, and our advertising platform. This means that we’re fully in control of every aspect of the product and can scale quickly and independently.