Who We Are

At Mowjow, we’re on a mission to create rewarding mobile gaming experiences that thrive within a core target audience of more than 400 million people.

The fundamental shift towards smartphone technology has led to an unprecedented demand for challenging and thought-provoking games, presenting us with a genuine opportunity to become leaders in a huge, fast-growing market.

We believe that playing Mowjow is good for you, and that the rewarding experiences we offer make it different from many other games. From the outset, players get the chance to have fun, challenge themselves, and enjoy the thrill of outsmarting others. When they’re ready, players can enter into prize tournaments to compete for real life rewards like gadgets, holidays, and even cars – which is unique to Mowjow.

Founded by Norwegian Entrepreneur and Investor Andreas Christensen, Mowjow has gone on to become an attractive proposition for a group of more than 600 shareholders, who are backing us to continuously innovate and enhance gameplay for our users.

With a global team of seasoned professionals, innovative technology, and robust business strategy, we’re well positioned for success. Our international team is guided by their experiences at industry defining companies like Google, YouTube, SAP, Merrill Lynch, BBC, and Nokia.